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Everything this woman is saying is my ex baby mama who I live with. She is the MEANEST woman I have known in my life. She does nothing but belittle me, put me down, degrade me, do everything she can to destroy my self esteem, shit on my dreams or what I want to do. Every idea I have is garbage, she starts fights with me and then blames me when I defend myself. She has kept sex from me for over 9 years, she claims its not personal, she repetitively throws in my face my past, she gets off on that. She gives me absolutely no attention, no affection, nothing and calls me crazy when I complain. The ODD thing, when she watches her reality tv shows and sees some woman behave exactly like her, she is so empathetic for that man. I tell her that woman is you. She wants my cats to die, the only thing she is to me which I don't get, very generous. Buys me things all the time. But in her actions she hates my guts. I am a very strong minded man, a Christian, man of God, she can't break me, I still hold onto my belief in myself, my abilities, and who I am. I stay in this sick relationship because of our autistic son. Oh I am crazy because I want some form kindness or affection. She is a text book liberal leftist. Any issue she has with me is IMMEDIATE fire. The woman is never kind. But to the people out there they would think she was a saint. She never apologizes, nothing, never says she will change, doesn't even acknowledge she is wrong.

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