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2 Timothy 3 :2-9 Stop with the worlds language. This is sin. We will see more and more of these kind of people. Over 1 million women in America alone murdered their babies by abortion and that is a whole lot of "christian" women doing that also. To be honest I find a lot of 2 Timothy women and wives using this very ploy to control their husbands, or an excuse to leave them. If someone cheats on you, that's called adultery and God give it as a reason to divorce. Using a psychiatric term is not framing this in a Biblical context, and stretching scripture to fit your narrative is even more over the top. Flattery is not abuse, its a snare and I don't trust people that latter, male or female. I grew up in a home where it was sloppy flattery all day long..I did not raise my children that way. I also did not raise my daughter to think she was a princess and a man would give her everything she desired. I taught her to be a wife that loves and serves her husband and children.

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