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If I had not seen Part one and only this, I would not have made it through Part 2 . As it was, about half way through, I had to stop and regroup. Mostly because having a lot of historical religious knowledge myself, I had to come to grips again that evil does exist and is insidious as a snake or defining wheat from tare. After hours of a break, I came back with a renewed mind. Most won't understand the full depth of this and claim you are exposing "them" aka Freemasons, or Christendom. That is not the point, it's to show the research, present a clearer understanding of our "religious" background brought to modern day. You nailed it once again Sir Patrick Mack, I will pray for you, because bringing us this had to have you go through your own deep dive and soul searching. May you come out from this having the full protection and blessing of God.

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