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Let me just say that despite my open mindedness and my awareness of the current realizations of globalization, I always found it difficult to discern the exact roots of the modern day underpinnings of power players that continually weave itself into being. Even though I realize, in spite of my higher education and its doctrines, that there is more unknown to us in history than known, I was fully shocked that such genocide even occurred dwarfing figures of the Holocaust in spite of education including Western Civilization and history under the Tzars and later. The similar themes of false flags of infiltration and the sinisterly deliberate calculations created divisions and ambient smokescreens that layered upon themselves as to create a natural unfolding. Yet those who’ve ever bothered seeking a deeper untangling were either met with dissent of the politically correct or ended up following false leads: only to succumb to a narrative-maker which is at the head of almost every door in the labyrinth. In a short manner of 100 years we have allowed a universal story teller to give us a unifying version OR it’s counter as it were to help continue the division. But all the while and another decade later the truth of what was evades us. This sadly, propagated the need for the story teller, knowing that someone to make sense of it all was necessary! Humans require this for mental order. This is how we know which direction to sail our ship be it Individual or collective. The allowance of truth and its true origin is necessary for the utilization of our spiritual God system. It is a system Where we use our intuition to vet out, or discern correct action based on what we see and feel. If what we see as manifest and it’s true causes deliberately obscured , we cannot employ proper logic judgement nor subsequent action therein. This is the one of the major causes of intuitive erosion, as what we see IS the feedback mechanism that God has given us, verifying or negating what we feel to be real..or not! Evidently it is not surprising that our belief systems are not of our own creation, but an amalgamated version of indoctrination and dogma masquerading as belief, subjugating our Inner Knowing, our direct connection to our God Source within. God’s Divine Wisdom subjugated. It’s substitute? A seeing is believing paradigm of falsehood, all but closing the door on our ability to innately know the truth in our gut. Bravo IPOT. This was so much more than Christmas. TREMENDOUS WORK!!!!! Peace brother. 🙏🏽

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