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Appreciate you. Have more in common than not. Sorry to seeing you fall for this Nazi nonsense. Hope you’re fooled and not consciously perpetrating this propaganda. You know there is no reason to believe there is a good guy in this situation. Both sides seem to hold the synagogue of Satan as an untouchable sacred group. These so called Nazis don’t really resemble WWII German Nazis in action. Nazis didn’t attack their own people to blame the enemy as you insinuated nor committed war crimes any more than any army ever. Germans considering themselves the master race is much ado about nothing. Every people always considered their people superior in some aspect at least. What kind of leader do you have that would think our people aren’t special. Claiming two parties have something in common that they both suppose themselves superior would apply to both sides in every war ever. Imagine if you thought the enemy truly was superior then you’d want them to come in and rule you that things would go so much better. Also that there is a grain of truth that Nazis and some Jews were in accord during WWII about removing Jews from Europe does not correspond to this situation. Now Nazis are fighting to protect Jewish leadership over their country and more to bring more Jews into Europe. This leaves us wondering does it mean anything to be a Nazi. Can I say I’m an American patriot because I’m an Anglo Saxon descendant of the founding fathers and I’ve got an American flag tattoo to prove it but actually I’m involved in the deconstruction of the constitution and the takeover of the country for the international agenda of Jewish bankers? This is a who is your father situation. You can look like Abraham and talk like Abraham all you want but if you do the works of Satan then he is your daddy. These “Nazis” remind me more of ISIS than Nazis. Islamic extremists who do not attack Jews but are eager to attack their brothers in a way that seems further the cause of the Jews who would traditionally be their arch enemy. Azov is the intelligence agency controlled european Christian version of ISIS.

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