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Article writer says: "They are not pro life as much as pro control". Notice how controlling the writer who said that is (hypocrite) as they're trying to control Christians by not allowing them to protect babies from death while ignoring the inconvenient fact that what they promote is murdering a life. And, they try to "judge" the pro-life people without being in a position themselves to judge anyone!!! So, they're a murderer/criminal on top of their hypocracy who also invites others to murder babies too! Nobody listens to someone like that or gives them any importance (unless they're murdering criminals too of course, who equally belong to prison)! Laws are clearly broken and oughta be instantly fixed with some high-level emergency veto powers to ensure murderers/criminals of babies end up in prison ASAP instead of roaming free around us while committing more murders/abominations and promoting more murders of babies. All issues in society are linked and there is a domino effect between them, so it is important to hold causers of every issue accountable immediately to stop the cascade effect of other problems (e.g. stopping this issue will have a domino effect that indirectly stops the same freaks from teaching kids abominations at schools)

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