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This guy suffers from the all too common, good hearted yet dangerously destructive delusion of the good Jew. Apparently a knowledge of history nor the concept that there cannot be a good antichrist are insufficient in combatting this delusion. I recommend the New Testament clear teaching that one can only be a Jew in spirit in the will of God. And the mention in the book of revelation of those that call themselves Jews and are not but are of the Synagogue of Satan. The implications of these scriptures are that the only Jews call themselves Christians so anyone that calls himself a Jew is a fraud by definition. This is reinforced by the fact that after thousands of years of procreation combined with the conversion of the Turkish Khazars to Judaism that those that call themselves Jews are genetically no more Jews than any random person. Another contributing delusion is that these modern so called Jews believe in the Torah while in reality the Talmud is their real holy book. Theses truths and more are covered in greater detail in the documentary “Marching to Zion”

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