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What you showed us is child abuse. Every person who was involved with it with the excuse that the majority approve of it is guilty of committing a crime against children and must be put in prison. After all, if the majority choose to murder innocent people against God’s commandments, that doesn’t make them right or give them that option even if they don’t believe in God. Their lack of belief in fact doesn’t gain them respect, yet is held against them. This is your chance to go further than just talk, and to walk the walk and put abusers in prison. If the right men in politics who have the strength to stop this don’t do so out of fear of upsetting the emotions and feelings of unwitting Satan followers, I’m pretty sure God puts them in Hell in the afterlife, and they will continue not to prosper, with their children getting corrupted. Only idiots would get surprised at the results without taking action, and nowadays idiots are sadly a dime a dozen among the supposedly religious.

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