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This message needs to be said. And repeated. Close to twenty years ago on a message board where people were known only by their avatars, in a discussion about Europeans making a "land grab" of America, I naively posted to the effect, "Hey, Africa has a lot of trees. The Africans could have built boats and discovered/developed the new world first if they had wanted to!" I thought it seemed like rational logic....
Well, that notion united the opposing sides that day as they joined to make me their dart board! LOL Whatever. My attitude about racism began changing at that point: People enjoy it, otherwise it would not be so prevalent. There are foul spirits associated with racism which, in a pattern similar to using addictive drugs, use racism to stop God's call on a person's life. False "white shaming" is used to bind white people from achieving excellence. Accordingly, Protestantism is a superior religious doctrine because it exalts Jesus more than "other paths," and white culture embraced it early on.

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