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Blake Masters is CORRECT, in fact, Homicides correlate VERY STRONGLY with two main factors:

  • 98% of homicides are committed by Diverse (Not WHITE) people, ~83% by BLM (11% of population), ~15% by Latinos (4% of population), <2% by Asians (2% of population) + WHITES (83% of population) COMBINED

  • ~90% of ALL crimes are somehow related to drugs: buying, selling, stealing, using
  • ~85% of BLM DO use drugs, ~85% of WHITES do NOT use drugs, with Latinos/Asians in the middle
  • ~75% of WHITES DO have 2 parents, ~75% of BLM do NOT have 2 parents, with Latinos/Asians in the middle
  • Combining BLM + Drugs + Failed Families = a DEADLY combination: THE PERFECT STORM !!!

These statistics are true across ALL Cities, Counties, States, and Countries Worldwide: IT'S CULTURAL !!!

So, you'll find that the WHITE homicide rate is ~0.15/100k/yr, with BLM at ~75/100k/yr (500X the WHITE rate !!!), with Latinos/Asians in the middle: IT'S CULTURAL !!!

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