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Jesus warned us about the Anti-Goylumites & these the climate change END TIMES with the book of REVELATIONS & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSION cycle he held in his hands.

"Those who have ears (Prerequisite knowledge) will hear (Understand).

Every 12,000 years half the Great Year (NOW) our solar system eclipses the centre of all energy in our galaxy the Galactic Nucleus for a 1,000 years causing first the birthing pains disasters and finally Mother Earth's WATER to break with the conjunction of the planets pulling the oceans around the planet east to west 800 mph at the equator because the planet rotates west to east 1,000 mph.

Covid is the Baby Boomers turning into Seniors Bust due to seasonal Flu/Pneumonia & old age.

BLM, ALM (Aboriginal) & CRT are Creating Racial Tensions. Divide & Conquer humanity along race, creed, cast & religion.

Jesus loved all races because there is only one race the HUMAN race with only one minority the INDIVIDUAL human.

Ukraine = Bay of Pigs, Ukraine on Fire documentary, Matthew 24:6 nkjv and money laundering. Thou shalt not kill by proxy war either.

LBGTQ like Abortion & China's one child policy is DEPOPULATION before crossing the Galactic Plain RESETS he plain as in the Days of Noah's cataclysmic east to west tidal waves.

Jesus even told us how to prepare for these the climate change END TIMES.

"The meek hunter gatherers & homesteaders shall inherit the earth." Release all Crown land.

"All shall seek shelter under rocks or in caves" From the EM fire/lightning & 100 lb Talen sized hail. Ezekiel Musk Boring company to create underground cities like Derenkuyu, Capadoccia, Longyou caves, Barahat caves etc.

Ezekiel Musk VTVL rocket ARKs.

Ezekiel Musk Tesla cars. Decentralized energy production. Solar panels. Just know everything electronic will be fried.

Ezekiel Musk Grow Ops

Trumps WALL but bigger further north and more like the CARNAC stones to divert Noah's east to west tidal waves. & Praise Jesus because he unites us all & united the evil ones can't Divide & Conquer humanity along race, creed, cast & religion in these the Last Days due to magnetic north.

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