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I agree with everything this guy said about Biden and the Jews, but Biden ain't alone in kissing the Yameka. They all do--Trump did and does (look at his family). His favorite preacher, Jim Jeffress is owned by the Jews. Do Trump and the others get a pass? And, just out of curiosity, do EE-Vangelicals only quote from the Old Testament? I rarely hear you even mention Christ or the Gospels. You know why? Because you're health and wealth, My kingdom is of THIS world, Judaizers.. You use the term "Elect" the way they do-as though it's almost genetic. Go talk about Yahweh again. We Catholics call Him the Father, as Christ did. In fact He instructed us to call Him Father in the Lord's prayer when He was asked how we should pray--"Our FATHER who art in heaven...". That's a huge step up from the name Yahweh. Read the GOSPELS. Get a clue.

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