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The Voice which is supposed to be "Churchill" sounds "FAKE!". War is WAR!, Its Not supposed to be Pretty! And All Sides would have committed (Accidental and Deliberate Acts) During this time, (For instance When the British Enigma Codebreakers at Bletchley Park found out that the Germans were going to Level the City of Coventry! they Did not inform the local Authority's of the up coming attack! Why because the Germans would then Know their Enigma Codes had been Cracked!. Conflicts of interest are always life threatening during WAR Time.) .....with the Exception of the German Government, who from what I can see, intended to FUND their NEW ECONOMIC BOOM with Stolen Jewish Money,....just one pesky problem? they had to remove "All" objections first....They used the Hatred of The Jews to Fuel Public Opinion in the direction of State Theft And Persecuted anyone who opposed their View Especially the Jews. Hitler was Also a Socialist! (Left Wing...NOT Right Wing). Ever wondered why the VW Beatle was referred to as "The Peoples Car?" and his party was called the "National Socialist Party" Socialism was viewed differently back then.....Trotsky Vs Stalin it was all about scale and Trotsky thought BIGGER! Stalin had him Killed!. Fascism Originated in Italy thanks to Mussolini and was adopted by Hitler, Also the "Hitlers Final Solution" was borrowed from the "Jim Crow laws of the USA"...lastly From the beginning of time the Victors have always Dictated HISTORY its a shame and Not Fair!. HISTORY is ignored within Education these days....Its All About Keeping the Common man Down Dumbing Down the Population to make them more manageable like a Farmer Does with his heard.....Some Farms Are Free Range others have Fences....

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