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USA and Western Leaders and Media keep playing Instigators' role to enlarge the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Never forget when NATO woman spokesman said NATO can preempt the Nuke strike of Russia by striking first and without warnings. I said these and they shit pants and apologized immediately. Do you want Putin to give permission to all his Military commanders whose hands-on Nuke Buttons, to have a Free Say and Authority to do Preemptive Strikes, without warnings against NATO countries, as and when they see a Need, also? Do you know there are people who have Real Influence and can tell Putin to take some actions, and instigate him with Success, say to wreck Havoc on her enemies, too? Doing Evil Deeds has never been an Exclusive Privilege nor does anyone have a Monopoly to do evil deeds against one another. One guy uses Vulgariuties and curse and swear. I told him, do you permit me to curse and use vulgarities on you,and on your families too?

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