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Jesus loved all races because there is only one race the HUMAN race with only one minority the INDIVIDUAL human.

"Slave=Master" Jew=Gentile, Nazi=Jew, Muslim=infidel, Black=White=Brown, Rich=Poor, Queen=Queer. We all came from our mothers as equals.

"Parable of the seed." We are all the SUM of our life's experiences, ideological teachings & circumstances.

You won't see heaven on earth until you see all humans as child does without race, creed, cast or religion.

Judaism & Nazism both teach and practice the same ideologies.

Us & Them Goylum/Gentiles, Familial tribalism Racism, global Jingoism. Jewish Self proclaimed chosen people = Nazi Master race Jewish practice of purity of blood = Nazi Eugenics inbreeding.

"We don't fight against flesh and blood but ideologies."

Jesus warned us about the Anti-Goylumites & these the climate change END TIMES with the book of REVELATIONS & the cause with the 7 north stars of the PRECESSION of the Alpha/Omega equinoxes he held in his hand.

"Pay no heed to fables and endless genealogy/DNA." in the Old testament/Torah.

You don't put Jewish Old Covenant racism tribalism into Jesus New Covenant "Slave=Master" wine skins.

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