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As a practical Catholic, I would say that the single most important thing in The Old Testament is The Ten Commandments, as first revealed in Exodus and elaborated upon in Deuteronomy, which form the basis for most of our laws and have stood the test of time ... No one has added an '11th commandment', and no one has removed one of The Ten !!!

Most of The Old Testament is the history of the Israelites, which is interesting, but, my peoples are Irish (thousands of years older than Genesis) and Italian (100s of thousands of years older than Genesis), the remainder of The Old Testament being the recorded wisdom of the ages, e.g. Ecclesiastes, Job, although most of them are difficult to interpret/understand !!!

The New Testament is ours alone, simply a much better way to live, and it affirms much of The Old Testament and improves upon the rest of it !!!

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