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The Jewish Conquest of America….. Well, simply put, the Jews created, lead and as always, controlled the Civil Rights Movement. That Blacks and their endless thousands of Terrorist acts against America, are the ‘’’Military Wing’’’’’, of the Civil Rights Movement, is without question. This Democratic/Jewish, Military Force took Down/conquered the US Government (5,000 black race riots, 250,000 Fires and a US Military in Race Mutiny) and re-formed Americas Society into its own (Marxist) image. Now the Jews have control of the Full Economic and Military power of America. ALL, to serve the needs of Israel. IE: All those endless $Billions$ in Cash, endless Billions in State-of-the-Art Weapons and of course, all those nuclear weapons, that America has given to Israel. AND, most importantly, let’s not forget all the Wars/Invasions America has done in the last few +decades in the service of Israel. Just have a look and see how many of those Wars/invasions were also the Enemies of Israel. That the US is a Vassal of Israel, by every definition, is without question.

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