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Little Greta is no doubt a cute and sweet looking little girl but cute and sweet hides her real self..... I truly believe she is an MK-Ultra mind controlled youth who really knows not what is going on with mind and soul.... This appears to be another example of how the controllers of the world fool the human race and especially propagandize the youth of the planet into believing her.... Think about it , what better way to turn the world youth against their parents ???.... ALL COMMUNIST agents do this to have the ultimate takeover of nations in the end by bloody revolution Ie : the Bolshevicks, the Khmer Rouge, VC, and the plethora of Middle Eastern Terrorist groups..... Poor little Greta has no idea what she is doing, she is only following orders from her mind controlled handlers..... Pray for the child that she gets rescued and brought back to reality of light. ... Ps.. Did anyone hear the slightest question about Chem trails from the supposed reporters ???..... I didn;t...

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