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There is More Than One Healthcare Option
Jun 07, 2022

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We've talked to him before. You've seen him around. He's leading the way in the fight against 5G in Arizona. But did you know that he had an auto immune disorder? Even more surprising is the fact that he was able to reverse it naturally and ON HIS OWN. Dr. Benjamin Benulis is back with his new book, Create Health: Reverse Autoimmune Disease with drugs or their side effects.

Guest Bio: Dr. Benjamin Benulis: Twelve years ago I was struggling with a health condition that at the time I didn’t even know what autoimmune. I had chronic fatigue, chronic muscle pain, skin issues and horrible digestive issues. My health was declining rapidly at 28 years old. I had been going through the medical merry-go-round of specialist to specialist, drug to drug, for months on end essentially seeing zero results. I was getting extremely frustrated, discouraged and depressed. Here I was spending all this time and money seeing doctors who didn’t seem to be able to help me. And much worse, none of them really seemed to care? Sound familiar? I knew I had to figure out a way out of this, even if it wasn’t with their help. I began researching, massively self-educating and massively self-experimenting. I swore that changing my diet and was the LAST thing I ever want to do. But once I had exhausted every other option, I was painted into a corner. I started trying to eat healthier. In the beginning I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. It was total mad-scientist-mode. But over time, with lots of trial and error I began to fall into a routine and a program that worked for me. Within about 6 short weeks of finding a protocol that worked me I saw a massive shift in my health. My chronic pain disappeared. My skin issues started to clear up. My digestion improved DRAMATICALLY. And best of all, instead of chronic fatigue, I had more energy than I knew what to do with! Not from some miracle drug, herb, pill or supplement. Not from some amazing new technological advance in modern medicine. But from this diet and lifestyle strategy I call Creating Health. Best of all, everything was food I could get at the grocery store. A strategy that is very straightforward and simple in nature. Without having to buy tons of exotic supplements and pills. Without having to hunt down exotic ingredients. Without having to endure any drug side effects....and it allowed me to reverse my autoimmune disease within a matter of months.

Get the Book:

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