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Another Voice of Freedom, Episode 163a: Ernst Zundel's Trip to Russia, Part 5 (of 6)
Jun 29, 2022

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In the fifth of this three (now six)-part series, Zundel takes the listener on a guided tour through the capital city of the former "Evil Empire" in 1994. Overall, he paints a picture of a country in chaos, with Moscow a city of contrasts. The Russian Mafia is everywhere. Leaving the airport terminal, the traveler is accosted by swarms of 'New Russians' commonly called Mafiosi, intent on offering their services as taxi drivers, using dilapidated, rickety old Russian cars. Yet, even the $100 fare demanded by these swindlers doesn't guarantee the tourist a safe trip. Visitors displaying obvious wealth have been robbed and beaten before they ever make it to their hotel. Welcome to Moscow!

Zundel tells of formerly middle-class women, reduced to standing outside subway entrances, selling their prized possessions in order to put food on the table, while shiny black Lincoln Towne Cars, driven by gangsters drive by, in an endless parade of the new wealth of Russia. Uniformed, gun-toting guards protect fastfood joints to prevent stampedes by hungry Russians seeking the only food bargains in the city. Clerks in the world-famous GUM Department Store earn an average of $30 (U.S.) a month, while a pair of shoes in that same store can cost upwards of $200. Violence is an ever-present danger. Every small business is obliged to pay between twenty and fifty per cent of their earnings as 'protection' to gangs, who have carved out their own little 'turf.'

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