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Patriarchy! Atlanta AME Pastor Says "Men Are Not Voting As We Should For Stacey Abrams"
Oct 04, 2022

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Patriarchy! Atlanta AME Pastor Says "Men Are Not Voting As We Should For Stacey Abrams"

Rev. Dr. William D. Watley of Atlanta's St. Phillip AME Church began his worship service Sunday, October 2, 2022 with open politicking for Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and incumbent Democrat Senate candidate Raphael Warnock. Watley invokes his authority as pastor to demand his congregants vote a particular way, and he invokes the men in the church's position as heads of their households as the reason why they should declare their support for Abrams.


Would all men stand. All men stand. Thank you for your presence. And I must asking you to stand because, as has already been announced, voting matters and this is a very critical election.

And the stats so far are showing that we as men are not voting as we should for Stacey Abrams. We're the head. And we're for the head of our houses and our families. We cannot lead from behind.

On her worst day, her absolutely worst day, she's ten times better than Brian Kemp. [Applause] And so I'm asking you, brethren, that wherever you go, wherever you touch, that you inform the rest of us that it is critical that we do our part and get a governor who we know will support us.

We have had to make a couple of calls, because present governor wanted to yank some of our vaccine from this church and DeKalb County, to send it to other parts in the state that were white and Republican. This governor has been a kiss-up to the demonic 45th president, even after he turned on him. He still was loyal to a demon who's been openly hostile to all minorities. This governor is governor because he stole the last election. And she got back the right way, helped turn the state blue for both the presidential election and the senatorial election.

And so I'm asking all of us, that this is not the time to be chauvinistic and lazy. You're going to be the man and be the head. We need to be the head and in charge, in terms of the leadership of our community, in terms of voting. And what I say to my brethren, I say to the sisters, but they're the ones that's been carrying it anyway.

But we need to do our part to make sure that Stacey Abrams is elected governor and Raphael Warnock is elected senator. [Applause] We do not need a lying scalawag who has already sold his soul to a white, anti-black establishment representing us in Washington, D.C.

And so, this is William Watley talking, and as your pastor, I ask that you listen to me. And many of you who are more astute than I am, and you know I'm telling the truth. God bless you and God keep you. Amen.

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