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John Onwuchekwa: Christians Can't Be Unified Until We "Tear Down The Brick Wall" Of Unequal Wealth
Dec 09, 2022

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IN MOST CASES: "Do not regard him as an enemy, but warn him as a brother."

John Onwuchekwa, pastor at Atlanta's Cornerstone Church, says "there's a brick wall in the way" of inter-ethnic Christian unity during an interview with TBN in Africa's "Chim's Talk."


JOHN ONWUCHEKWA: Ten years after slavery, black people find themselves in a worse economic condition than they were prior to. In the United States, one of the easiest ways to build wealth and to provide for your family long-term is through owning homes. The United States came up with this group called the Federal Housing Administration, and their aim was "Let's help folks that can't afford homes to own homes." The problem was 60 years ago, 80 years ago, there were discriminatory practices against black and brown families. So if I was white, I could own a home. If I was black, I couldn't own a home, and then if I did own a home, I owned it in a community that they wouldn't invest in. So as the years go on and on and on, the gap gets bigger and bigger and bigger. And that's why I'm saying we have to own it. it wasn't just about the hard work of the people. The government stepped in and helped white people when they didn't help black people, and now years later, they're saying we should live in a colorblind world and not provide special help to people on the basis of their skin. The problem was they've already disadvantaged a community.

HOST: John, one would have expected that this is one issue that the church in the United States of America can easily be united around. Why is this such a divisive issue among true Christ followers in the USA?

ONWUCHEKWA: So one of the things that makes it hard is we're having two different conversations, right? So if you listen to a predominantly white population, they're going to talk about and constantly use the words "racial reconciliation." "Why can't we get along," "why can't we be unified." If you listen to the way that black and brown people talk about it, we don't talk about reconciliation, we talk about "racial injustice." "There is a problem that has to be fixed." So you have one group over here that talks about unity, unity, unity, and what we're saying is, you don't get unity by talking about unity. That is to confuse the end goal with the pathway. Unity is a byproduct, right? The way to get unity is to address the things that are standing in the way of our unity, right?

So it's like there's a brick wall of injustice built up in between the races, and you have one side saying, "Why can't we just hug?" And the other side saying, "I would love to hug, but there's a brick wall in the way. Let's work together to tear down the brick wall, and then we can hug."

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