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Destroying America with Weak, woke, and wimpy ideologies
Dec 21, 2022

Fighting back against the left's non stop attacks on liberty, freedom, and America. Join us on Parler - Twitter - Codias - MeWe - Gab @Donttreadonliberty Find us everywhere here -

There's a war on America. We all know it. When you dig deeper it's a war on multiple fronts. One of the main fronts in the war is masculinity and culture. Demasculating strong men and perverting God's design is a sure fire way to make America weak, woke, and wimpy. Join us today as we get real with the founder of, Jeremy Slayden.

Guest Bio: Hailing from Middle TN, Jeremy Slayden is a former All-American Athlete at Georgia Tech and professional baseball player with the Philadelphia Phillies. He is now a successful entrepreneur serving the Nashville and Atlanta areas. He lives with his wife and two sons in Franklin, TN. To his friends and teammates, he’s always been … JSlay.

JSlay: I was raised in a strong Christian family that loved their country and taught traditional values like hard work and personal responsibility. These values carried over into the way I approached the game of baseball. From an average young player I developed into a top high school prospect and eventually received a full ride to play at one of the top college programs in the nation, Georgia Tech. But, due to a series of painful setbacks in college, I signed lower in the MLB draft than projected. However, the Philadelphia Phillies gave me a shot, and my lifelong dream of playing Major League Baseball was now within striking distance.

After years of working my way up through the minors, I was invited to MLB Spring Training. While leading the Phillies in hitting, in my last spring training game, I connected for another home run, and then lost all feeling in my legs while rounding the bases. In the most confusing moment of my life, I was carried off the field, and never got called up again. Needless to say, I was devastated. After trying to play one more season in chronic pain, the time had come to hang up my cleats.

After suffering the heartbreaking injury that ended my baseball career, I ascended in the business world by becoming a successful entrepreneur. In the same stroke, I descended into a secret life that nearly destroyed my marriage and all I hold dear. Due to God’s love and some wonderful people, I found help several years ago and now enjoy a healed marriage, rewarding career and lots of hope.

I came out on the other side with a passion for seeking truth in all areas of life, and now develop content to help others maximize their potential, overcome debilitating struggles, and rebuild our culture from the ground up.

That’s why I founded JSlay: Made in the USA.

JSLAY: MADE IN THE USA exists to explore, expound, and exhibit the best of the United States of America and how we can make it even better. We are on a mission to WAKE UP from the woke culture that is destroying the fabric of this nation. We are going on offense to protect the God-given rights and freedoms we have as Americans. It’s time to develop courage and take action in the face of the fear and social pressure tactics that have become all too common.

It’s time to play OFFENSE!

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