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The Pandemic Dance by Foundring | peacedozer acoustic guitar cover
Jan 01, 2023

I've always wanted to make my own music videos, and there's no time like the present! More videos on my YouTube channel:

A genius that goes by Foundring called it all back in September 2020. He's my biggest musical inspiration, and if you value music like this, I hope you'll seriously consider sending him money ( This was recorded East of Payson, Arizona, all in one take as always.

Fancy a trip down the rabbit hole? Happy hunting:

Guitar: Taylor 814ce Audio recorder: Zoom H6 Vocals microphone: SM7B Guitar microphone: SM81 Cameras: GoPro 10, GoPro 9, GoPro 9, GoPro 9

Foundring originally played this on piano ( but I can't play piano like that (yet), so I tuned all the guitar strings down half a step to allow for more convenient chords. Am G F E Mr. Johnny Rockefeller back in 1909 Am G F E said, “Hey JP Morgan, heard you got a cruise line C E let’s make two titanic ships C E (it’s OK if one of them’s shit) Am G F E we’ll swap ‘em in the evening when they go to sleep Am G F E we’ll sink one to the bottom of the ocean deep C E and everyone we don’t like C E will have a watery night” Am G F E now with a lack of competition and a whole lotta nerve Am G F E they chuckled as they called it the quote “Federal Reserve” C E but it left them still wanting more C E so they instigated a “great” war Am G F E and the soldiers on the front lines all lined up for their shots Am G F E and Bayer said “here have some aspirin, don’t worry take lots!” C E then young men began to die C E for an electromagnetic lie

         Am    G    F        E

I’ve got the fluuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus Am C E this darn flu done made me sick Am G F E it’s true I’ve got the flu-u-u-u-u-u-us C E Am I’m doin’ the panic Hispanic

Am               G             F  E

old Rockefeller sure loved his petroleums Am G F E he barked at all the doctors “don’t use plants, use my drugs!” C E and ever since then we’ve been sick C E they’ve patented every trick Am G F E now in New York 1916 there was this “polio” Am G F E it came from a Rockefeller lab, well wouldn’t ya know? C E they still blamed it on immigrants C E never mind the scientist fingerprints Am G F E now in a time when doctors smoked a pack before noon Am G F E they sprayed the skies with pesticides, kids played in it too C E like that good ol’ DDT C E rinse, repeat: “it’s good for me-e!!”

See the rest here:

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