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American Conversations - Claire Bettag - St. Mary's University Stops Turning Point USA Club
Mar 12, 2023

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Episode 16 - Reclaiming The Republic

What happens when a sophomore at a U.S. university tries to open a club on campus that addresses liberty and she is told, "NO?"

American Conversations Host Christine Dolan interviews Claire Bettag, a Catholic-educated sophomore at St. Mary's University in South Bend, Indiana where Notre Dame is located nearby. St. Mary's is an all girls Catholic university.

To officially open a club on university campuses, it is usually the norm for a student to apply to the university for official recognition.

That is just what Claire Bettag did.

To her surprise, St. Mary's administrative officials rejected Bettag's application for opening A Turning Point club on campus.

Charlie Kirk, who founded Turning Point's focus is about "liberty." That is why Bettag wanted to open the club.

St. Mary's administration told Bettag that Turning Point did not align with St. Mary's "values," and cited their website and policy on transgenderism.

Interesting at best, but indicative of who is running universities these days who are ignorant of history and only have their eyes on the current culture wars.

St. Mary's officials never mentioned to Bettag, and she did not know this either, that the first transgender surgical unit was opened at John Hopkins University in the 1960s and was run by Dr. John Money, a protege of Alfred Kinsey.

Kinsey wrote Male Sexuality in 1948 and Female Sexualityin 1952. For years, Kinsey professed that humans were sexual from the "womb to the tomb."

The late Dr. Judith Reisman, who studied Kinsey and those who followed him into sexual research began reporting on the perversion that engulfed Kinsey and those who collaborated with him.

She was a prolific author on the subject.

Dr. Paul McHugh was head of psychiatry at Hopkins in the 1970s. He discovered that Dr. Money overplayed his hand calling transgender surgery a success after a long-term Swedish study was published. Dr. McHugh shut down the John Hopkins Transgender surgical unit in 1979.

Ms. Bettag is tenacious with poise and aplomb. She is not giving up. Her endeavors will continue as more St. Mary students are supporting her, and even alumni are quietly reaching out.

CDM.Press reached out to St. Mary's Liz Baumann for comment. She refused to give a statement even though she was involved in the decision to reject Ms. Bettag's application.

The questions to St. Mary's is - What's wrong with having a club about liberty?

And, if St. Mary's thinks a discussion about transgenderism is so rough, it may be a significant act of omission by a university to not discuss this topic if a student without full knowledge of the history takes the next life-altering step and later wakes up with regret.

And, then there is more obvious.

On June 18, 2022, President Joe Biden threw the full weight of the federal government to support LGBTIQ+ policies.

So, does St. Mary's have financial ties or otherwise with the federal government and does the university feel pressure to shut down The Turning Point club on campus for political reasons?

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