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‘Worm rain’ video baffles internet
Mar 13, 2023

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A bizarre viral video from China that seems to show worms raining down from the sky has got the world baffled. In the video, several cars seem covered in long, thick, black worms in a scene resembling a Biblical smiting. Or are they worms.

Naturally, armchair worm-apocalypse experts on the internet have gone into overdrive, explaining away the phenomenon with many intelligent-sounding yet equally outlandish theories. One theory, which you just know starts with ‘um, ackshually,’ states that this is clearly the work of a passing tornado, mischievously picking up a local worm colony (and only a worm colony) and dumping it on these few cars (and only on these few cars), while miraculously leaving no other telltale signs of a tornado, such as a destroyed trailer park.

A second, more plausible theory, is that these aren’t worms from an angry god at all, but rather the seeds from a nearby poplar tree, which just happen to look like worms if your camera is a potato. Many users have pointed out that there was a local warning to bring an umbrella that day, due to poplar trees shedding their seeds. The popular poplar theory, however, has one slight flaw: there are no trees in sight.

The final theory: it’s all lies, and was staged for clicks. Maybe. What do you think?

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