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Black Ships DJ Muggs & Sick Jacken feat Cynic
Mar 22, 2023

Legend of the Mask and the Assassin is a collaborative studio album by American Los Angeles-based record producer DJ Muggs and Psycho Realm's rapper Sick Jacken featuring fellow Sick Symphonies' member Cynic of Street Platoon. It was released on September 11, 2007 via Rebel Music Group/Universal Music Latino, serving as Muggs' second album in his "DJ Muggs vs." series. Recording sessions took place at MGS Sound Lab in Burbank, California. Production was handled entirely by Muggs, who also served as executive producer with Jacken.

[Verse 1: Sick Jacken] It's death before dishonor, whisky and marijuana Wars with guns, we battle with no armor Real life drama in a pre-armageddon setting Causing chaos, like Osama N-bombs with the deadly arms And I ain't talking 'bout limbs, man I'm talking 'bout limb bombers Fun weaponry with loot for black armors Drug cause an underground rap fama Fuck fame, I rather wait in cut, came Rather make a slut bang tricks or give up brain That's why I got psycho blasting on my gut, man Sickside, more like a bound by blood gang We're like the skull and bones, psyclones and unopposed The enemy tryna reveal the unexposed We still [?] future and the ancient scrolls Shrapnel defender touch you when the gat blows [Hook: Cynic] We come in black ships Skull and bones type of action Your time is up, give in to your masters We come in black ships Skull and bones type of action Your time is up, give in to your masters Black robes and candle light, we sacrifice Axe goes, who try to fight, they lost their life

[Verse 2: Sick Jacken] Yo, I sound with rebelry, my street game is heavily Soldiers tune in towards for the recipe Can't give it all out, better be the death to me You can kill a man, but can't kill a legacy Truth is a holy grail, we ain't in this shit to story-tell Or gory hell with the war behalf We try to open eyes and [?] Homie still thinking that war between us is where they killed This is a rebel era, my music stays full of terror We live an earthquake weather The sick and sicker this shit, we want better We never fall hopes and don't try ever Even though we all gotta go some day Doesn't mean I'ma let you take me out with AK Where sicksiders go, we go out with a bang We don't live our needs it's thy rival, we same You might also like Rebel Angel DJ Muggs & Sick Jacken Stairs to the Beast Sick Jacken Land of Shadows DJ Muggs & Sick Jacken [Hook]

[Verse 3: Sick Jacken] I'm with the army of masked man Anybody now, where everyone? Blast them We outlast to make the enemy past tense, and then assassin A soldier bastards, street sweepers with MAC-10's Your time is up, give in to your masters Where millions fight reptilian bastards Wait lifting gates, this battle saves out the spirit dancers Made of suffers with the mysteries answers The victory in hand, it's our chance to survive Not only the battle, but keep birth from dying Get Roberto flying, illuminate skylines Off the G's eliminating hard times Shells scattered on the floor with bodies But a head chancellor within illuminaties The streets blazed on with illegal shotties To the MP between two world parties


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