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Apollo Moon Landings - The World's Greatest Hoax?
May 23, 2023

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When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took their first steps on the moon in July 1969, the world was suddenly split into two categories – those who believe the Apollo 11 landings, and those who don’t. We’ll investigate both sides of this debate – in fact 52% of the British public still believe the landings were an elaborate hoax designed to trump Russia in the space race!

In this show we’ll search for a definitive answer by recreating the moon landing for ourselves, testing the various competing theories against each other. Featuring interviews with leading experts, conspiracy theorists, archive material and highly detailed reconstructions of the landing, we put this debate to bed once and for all.


The 1969 Apollo Moon Landing is the most documented event in all of human history (see video below). I remember being completely captivated as I watched it LIVE as it happened. What boggles the mind is that there are many people who refuse to believe we actually did it. It reminds me of those who refuse to believe that our own planet is spherical. If this were some sort of deception, how were they able to keep it from the 400,000 NASA employees, then pull if off 5 more times without anyone coming forward? The 200 lbs of Moon rock samples sent to independent laboratories around the world documented their origins were extraterrestrial. These facts alone should be evidence enough that man went to the Moon.

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    • Go to the 4 hr and 35 minute mark of this video to hear from speaker Astronaut Jeff Williams, who holds the record for the most time in space for any American (534 days). He is speaking at the 'Truth Matters Conference' of 2022 at the Answers in Genesis Ark Encounter auditorium. He also provides stunning photographs he took himself proving the earth is round.
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